The Great Nothing

If there is love there is bound to be a hate part. If you trust yourself you trust both love and hate. You trust love-hate, because both are yours. You don’t make a division. You don’t say, ‘I don’t want this hate at all. I simply want to be sweet and loving’ — then you have already started a conflict.
Whenever there is intelligence, there is fear. Only idiotic people are not afraid. So when you want to drop fear, the only way is to become very very stupid. The only way is to become so dull, so insensitive… Like a rock. The flower is bound to be afraid. It is fragile, it is vulnerable. This moment it is there, the next moment it may not be.
Human consciousness is the subtlest flowering in this existence so fear is bound to be there. Nothing is wrong in it, it is natural. The moment you say, ‘I don’t want fear,’ you have become afraid of fear itself. Now it is a subtle fear. You can go on playing a game of hide-and-seek.
Acceptance means acceptance of the total. Trust means trust of the total — good and bad. The sinner and the saint in you both have to be trusted. If you choose the saint and you want to drop the sinner, you don’t trust yourself. No saint has ever trusted himself.
He has always rejected the part that he calls the devil part. The religious people don’t accept themselves, they don’t trust — they want just to be sweet. But life cannot exist without the diametrically opposite. It is a dialectics.