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The Root Problems

The root problem of all problems is mind itself. The first thing to be understood is what this mind
is, of what stuff it is made; whether it is an entity or just a process; whether it is substantial, or just
dreamlike. And unless you know the nature of the mind, you will not be able to solve any problems
of your life.
You may try hard, but if you try to solve single, individual problems, you are bound to be a failure –
that is absolutely certain – because in fact no individual problem exists: mind is the problem. If you
solve this problem or that, it won’t help because the root remains untouched.
It is just like cutting branches of a tree, pruning the leaves, and not uprooting it. New leaves will
come, new branches will sprout – even more than before; pruning helps a tree to become thicker.
Unless you know how to uproot it, your fight is baseless, it is foolish. You will destroy yourself, not
the tree.
In fighting you will waste your energy, time, life, and the tree will go on becoming more and more
strong, far thicker and dense. And you will be surprised what is happening: you are doing so much
hard work, trying to solve this problem and that, and they go on growing, increasing. Even if one
problem is solved, suddenly ten problems take its place.
Don’t try to solve individual, single problems – there are none: MIND ITSELF IS THE PROBLEM.
But mind is hidden underground; that’s why I call it the root, it is not apparent. Whenever you come
across a problem the problem is above ground, you can see it – that’s why you are deceived by it.
Always remember, the visible is never the root; the root always remains invisible, the root is always
hidden. Never fight with the visible; otherwise you will fight with shadows. You may waste yourself,
but there cannot be any transformation in your life, the same problems will crop up again and again
and again. You can observe your own life and you will see what I mean. I am not talking about any
theory about the mind, just the ”facticity” of it. This is the fact: mind has to be solved.
People come to me and they ask, ”How to attain a peaceful mind?” I say to them, ”There exists
nothing like that: peaceful mind. Never heard of it.”
Mind is never peaceful – no-mind is peace. Mind itself can never be peaceful, silent. The very
nature of the mind is to be tense, to be in confusion. Mind can never be clear, it cannot have clarity,
because mind is by nature confusion, cloudiness. Clarity is possible without mind, peace is possible
without mind, silence is possible without mind – so never try to attain a silent mind. If you do, from
the very beginning you are moving in an impossible dimension.
So the first thing is to understand the nature of the mind, only then can something be done.
If you watch, you will never come across any entity like mind. It is not a thing, it is just a process; it
is not a thing, it is like a crowd. Individual thoughts exist, but they move so fast that you cannot see
the gaps in between. The intervals cannot be seen because you are not very aware and alert, you
need a deeper insight. When your eyes can look deep, you will suddenly see one thought, another
thought, another thought – but NO MIND.

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